Sunday, April 5, 2009

musica surfica

FANTASTIC image of sage joske at King Island from the movie Musica Surfica, only seen a few minutes of the dvd but it looks great, SG*


walrus said...

Hey bro, got a copy here.. Email your address..

MattW said...

Note: Best to watch more than a few minutes of your new DVD before lending it to surf fiend friend. But I will give it back in a timely fashion.

Enjoyed this mostly for the ability to capture a moment in time.. A documentation which may become even more charming as things progress is this new/old form of slidey riding.

I was thusly inspired for a search of more recent finless footage on youtube, which is surprisingly still mostly vacant.

But then... Oh my Lord:

I warn you, watching this before you watch Musica Surfica kind of makes the point mute...