Tuesday, September 1, 2009

they make no census

NZ surfing media sucks, once again the 'closed minded shortboard/thruster 18'' wide ridden by some guy in the top 10 who can do airs driven surf media of NZ' have failed to deliver a magazine of substance and diversity, the latest NZ Surfing mag is a true reflection of everything that surfing in NZ isn't, just more images of shortboarders getting barrelled and popping into the air, BORING !, have these guys who put this and other 'same same' NZ surf mags together been for a dawnie at real surf breaks in NZ where all sorts of people are riding all sorts of equipment and are having a HOOT !, logs, fishies (they have two fins by the way), bonzers (they have five), quads(self explanatory), anyway you get my drift, i know i have said a lot of this before but i am passionate about the JOY of surfing and this type of tunnel vision surf press only brings joy to it's sponsors, thank god for the open minded surfers of NZ who enjoy waves and trying various surf crafts, SG*


Big Fish said...

Go you good thing. Stick it up the mindless pricks.

micro said...

thanks big fish, just so sick of the bordem of nz surfing media (but not slide mag)