Thursday, December 10, 2009

kneed waves

'Sounds like you've discovered my secret, flippers are great! just paddle and kick like shit and you're in - just resist the urge to stand up. Will you be wearing a camera strapped to your noggin - George Greenough style - and be careful not to develop the eccentric and paranoid persona that goes with kneeling or worse, lying down', quote of the month !, love it !


Jamie said...

He doesn't exaggerate. Lying down on a bubble of air will screw with your head... See you guys soon

micro said...

mate stokage abounds, love my mat, can't wait for a wave, as a good friend says 'hell yeah, shit yeah, fuck yeah', sea you soon mate

micro said...

ps never blog or comment when you have been drinking homemade cider

Eef said...

fins and surfing on your knees or belly are great. i do it all the time and my waves look a lot like yours :D

great blog!!

greetinsg from a fellow slobgroveller