Saturday, March 6, 2010

15 to 20

inflation rate can be 15 to 20 breathes, the mat is unreal, Paul Gross is the man, getting sick waves out on to the face now, get a few funny looks from close mindered surfers, but **** 'em, their loss, i wish everyone could have a go on a 4th gear flyer, the world would be a happier place, sg*


GoGo said...

I remember when Greenough was thought to be more than wierd when he paddled out on a spoon, go the Slopgroveller.

micro said...

thanks gogo, as i sit here in an beer induced haze after a very long day i can reflect on wonderful views from the low angle of a mat ride at the bay, i am far from george greenough status but the views that roll through my head keep me fizzing, i can not see myself ever giving up the feel of a 9'6'' log under my feet but the thrill of a different surf craft is pure fun, mastering it is a challenge i enjoy, see you out the back mate, micro aka sg*