Monday, August 9, 2010

wood(an) boards day

cut down a very big palm tree, lots of timber in it, potential surfboard, had a wave on the handplane and my log, first log for a few months, fell in love with my electraglide all over again, top 5, 1: nearly finished shaping handplane prototype #2, 2: logging at the bay, 3: handplane rides at the bay, 4: racecourse images on expired film, 5: hanging with niggel, sg* ps the RFC pivot 10.5 fin is rad


Jamie said...

missed you yesterday mate. surf was double to triple overhead and firing (if you were lying down and consider mushy waves firing, that is) hahahaha. good to catch up with rog and the rest of the artisans who gathered at the park. cabbage gun blew me away. hope you & fam are all well. tatum sez hello as well.

micro said...

yip, fully gutted i did not get to catch up with you guys, roger sent me a txt to say he saw you fellas, hope all is well, life is very busy with kids and work, but i am still getting a few waves, been enjoying my homemade handplanes, fun as, made a plywood skate board for the kids last night, rad !, keep in touch, mike c